2FA Authentication with Mobile App

Available to:

Staff, Students

Service Hours:


How to use?

1. Login to 2FA-activated services outside campus or using hostel wired connection

2. When prompted, select "Send me a Push"


3. Tap on the push message or launch the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device, press "Approve" to allow the login request. Please note that you have ONE minute to approve the request before the connection timeout.

push approve

4. If you get an unexpected login request, you should press "Deny" to reject it. Press "Yes" to report the suspicious login when asked, or press "No" if you just press the "Deny" by mistake.

push deny

(2FA account will be locked if you have more than 10 failure attempt,)

If you found your 2FA account is locked and the lock is not initiated by you, please change your password immediately.

You need to contact ITSC helpdesk to unlock your account.

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