Vision, Mission & Strategic Plan


ITSC aspires to become a forward-looking centre of excellence providing enabling solutions and leveraging cutting-edge technology to advance the strategic priorities of the University.



ITSC is committed to transform and modernize its IT administrative and academic support systems, solutions, applications, platforms running on a growing robust, secure and high-performance network and communication infrastructure and to respond proactively and swiftly to emerging technologies to create a technology-enabling environment for the pursuit of academic excellence.


Strategic Themes and Goals 2022-2028

Strategic Plan 2022-2028 was developed by the University to strive to be a Global Leader in Quality Education and Impactful Research for a better world. Among the different aspirations, the University places Quality Education and Student Learning Enhancement as top priorities. To support the University’s key strategic areas and the associated initiatives, ITSC has set forth the following strategic themes and goals that align with the University’s strategic priorities to guide the ITSC staff on the development and implementation of its annual action plan. Building on the past foundation, and in view of the opportunities as well as threats presented, these strategies will strive to maximize our strengths to bring continuous improvement to ITSC services.


IT in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Online and Hybrid EnvironmentsImprove the efficiency of student recruitment
Enhance the support for online and hybrid learning and teaching
Support student development and residential education
Facilitate student graduation
IT in Facilitating ResearchGrow high-performance network and computing facilities
Support emerging scholarship projects
IT in Enhancing Administrative EfficiencyContinue to enhance enterprise-wide applications and systems to build a strong foundation for the University
Collect institutional data for University’s informed decision-making
Provide training to equip staff and students with new skills
Support the space renovation and expansion of offices
Creating Cutting-edge IT Space and FacilitiesModernize the data centre infrastructure
Build smart and sustainable teaching and learning space
Introduce smart technologies in creating IT facilities
Building a Secure CampusRaise the community awareness on information security
Enhance the security control for existing systems
Install a robust information security architecture
Improve the capacity for disaster recovery
Maintaining Sustainable DevelopmentDiversify the methodology of application development
Build a sustainable and competent manpower force
Sustain financial resources