Expiry Accounts / Staff movement / Account Disabling handling for departmental, project and contractor accounts

Available To

Staff (Custodians, Departmental Account users, contractor coordinators)


  1. If the custodian has resigned, left the University, changed his/her job role,  affiliated department or employment status, such as full-time/part-time status, the account management system will send an email alert to the account itself, the custodian and departmental account. The account expiry date will then be set to 14 days from the day when the account administrator status becomes invalid.
  2. ITSC account management system will send email alerts to the account itself and the custodian at 14 days, 7 days and 1 day before the expiry date.
  3. To extend, remove or change information of an account, the custodian and responsible departmental staff member is required to fill in the online request "Account Renewal or Administrator/Custodian Update" and seek approval from the department head or designated approver.
  4. The department head or designated approver approves the change request.
  5. ITSC will amend / update information after the approval.
  6. ITSC will notify the account custodian of the change completion.

If there is no response from the department about the specific departmental account status, it will be disabled automatically on the expiry date. An email message will be sent to the account custodian, department head to notify the account expiry. The account will be kept and disabled for 1 year before the final removal takes place.


Manage Departmental, Project and Contractor Accounts