Wi-Fi Access

A wireless LAN (WLAN) is a communication system implemented to link two or more devices or computers without using wires. Using radio waves, WLAN transmit and receive data over the air, minimizing the need for wired connections. Thus, WLAN gives users the mobility to move around within a broad coverage area and still be connected to the network.

Available to:

Staff, Students, Alumni

Service Hours:


How to Connect:

On Campus

Users can get access to the University Wi-Fi network on campus according to the terms and conditions below.

SSIDEligible UsersAuthentication
LU / LU-Advanced *Lingnan staff and studentsLingnan username and password
ALUMNILingnan Alumni and  
Long-serving retired staff
Lingnan username and password


(Available in hostel area only)

Hostel staff family membersHostel staff family member username and password
VisitorInvited visitors or guestsUsername and password disseminated via the inviting unit of the University
Wi-Fi.HK via Lingnan UniversityVisitors to Lingnan and the publicNot required

* Note: LU is applicable to all kind of Wi-Fi devices. For device supports 5GHz Wi-Fi channel, connect to LU-Advanced to achieve better network connectivity and performance.

Off Campus

When Lingnan staff and students travel out of campus and/or round the globe, they can get access to Wi-Fi access being provided by eduroam and/or commercial ISPs which have joint/collaboration agreements with the University, provided that the locations are covered by their services.

SSIDCoverageEligible UsersAuthentication
eduroamLocations covered by eduroam member institutions and organisations over the worldLingnan staff and studentsFull Lingnan email address and password
University via CSLLocations covered by HKT csl Wi-Fi service in Hong Kong excluding the University campus area
University via Y5ZONELocations covered by Y5ZONE Wi-Fi service in Hong Kong excluding the University campus area

Setup Guides

LU, LU-Advanced and  ALUMNI : iOS PDF, Android PDF

Eduroam : Mac PDF, iOS PDF, Android PDF

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