VPN Connection

SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network) allows users to remotely access restricted network resources.

Lingnan SSL VPN is available for staff members and students of the University.

Available to:

Staff, Students

Service Hours:


How to install VPN client


Mobile Devices

On mobile devices, input one of the following URLs to add new connection in the Configuration page:

https://staffvpn.ln.edu.hk (for staff) OR
https://studentvpn.ln.edu.hk (for students)

VPN for Mobile Device

How to login

  1. Login using your Lingnan username and password.
  2. When promoted for secondary password
  • For users already registered Two Factor Authentication (2FA) service, you can either
    • Obtain the passcode from DUO Mobile
    • Enter "push" as the secondary password and response to the push notification from DUO Mobile
  • For users who haven't registered the 2FA service, enter your Lingnan password as the secondary password.

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