Network Access Control (NAC)

It is essential to protect the campus network from cyberattack at any time. The Network Access Control (NAC) policy and measures are devised with such purpose to ensure only authorized users and devices can get access to the campus network. These measures, as explained below, have been incorporated into the Information Security Policy since Feb 2017 and will take effect on 1 July 2021


How does it work?

When a PC or device is plugged into the University Wired Network (using LAN cable), the NAC system will detect and categorize the device. Devices that do not comply with the Network Access Control policy or without a valid authentication will be blocked and not allowed to connect to the University Wired Network.


How is it enforced?

All devices connecting to the University Wired network ports (using LAN cable) will be monitored by NAC system. The enforcement will be applied to the Hostel Wired Network and Campus Wired Network (including staff offices, library, labs, meeting rooms, teaching venues and all public areas). [Please click the link for more details]