What is iThenticate?

iThenticate is a service provided by Turnitin to assist academic authors to scan your written work such as journal articles or conference papers for originality to avoid the pitfall of plagiarism when preparing items for publication. It allows researchers to easily upload and scan documents, manuscripts, research and other professional works into iThenticate. It is NOT intended for classroom and assignment use and is different from the Turnitin account provided to students.

iThenticate vs Turnitin

iThenticate does not save a copy of any file to a database of sources (unlike Turnitin, similar software used in undergraduate teaching). It protects intellectual property while allowing researchers to identify errors in citation and attribution.

Turnitin has been made specifically for classroom use and is intended for reviewing students' assignments.  At Lingnan University, Turnitin has been integrated with Moodle, instructors must set up classes and Turnitin assignments for student submissions on Moodle.

For detailed comparison of iThenticate vs Turnitin:

Services at Lingnan University:

ITSC has subscribed iThenticate software for detection of plagiarism for academics staff and postgraduate students to assist you with checking scholarly research outputs. To apply, please submit the following request form to ITSC.

For Academic Staff: iThenticate Account for Turnitin (Academics Staff)

For Postgraudate Students: iThenticate Account for Turnitin (Postgraduate students)

Guide to Activate iThenticate Account

Step 1: Request iThenticate Account via ITSC helpdesk.
Step 2: A confirmation email will be sent to your email once the account has been created.  Click on the link from the email to login to iThenticate with the one-time password.
Screenshot of iThenticate account created email
Step 3: Click the checkbox on I agree to these Terms and Submit to proceed.Screenshot of iThenticate agreement acceptance
Step 4: Change your account password and assign a security question. Click Change Password.
Screenshot of iThenticate setup screen
Step 5: You may now begin to use the iThenticate service.Screenshot of iThenticate home screen

Guide to Upload Documents to iThenticate

Step 1: Log in to iThenticate with your credentials. Click on Upload a File on the right.Screenshot of iThenticate homepage
Step 2: Provide the document information, click Upload to submit the document.Screenshot of file upload in iThenticate
Step 3: The submitted document will be listed under My Documents. Screenshot of document submitted in iThenticate
Step 4: A report with percentage will be shown under the Report column. Click on the percentage to open up the report.Screenshot of document report generated
Step 5: The report containing the document's Match Overview result with items highlighted based on the matched sources will be shown.Screenshot of iThenticate report

Available to:

Staff (Academic Staff), Students (for Research Postgraduate and Taught Postgraduate students only)

Service Hours:


How to Access:

Upon account creation, you can login to iThenticate:

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