Guideline on Setting Up Notebook and Conference Equipment for Online Meeting or Interview

Available to:

Staff, Students

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Equipment List

To conduct an online meeting or interview, the following equipment are required:

  1. Notebook
  2. Conferencing camera
  3. Speakerphone
  4. Type-C adapter

The above equipment can be borrowed from ITSC. Please submit a Service Request to ITSC.

How to Setup?

Follow the steps below to perform the setup for an online meeting or interview.

  1. Power on the notebook
  2. Power on the TV or projector.
  3. Plug the Type-C adapter into the notebook.
  4. Plug the conferencing camera USB cable into the Type-C adapter.
  5. Plug the speaker microphone USB cable into the Type-C adapter.
  6. Plug the HDMI cable into the Type-C adapter and connect to the TV or projector.

Setting up

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