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Undergraduate Admissions

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Liberal Arts Education

The five distinctive features of liberal arts education in Lingnan include:


We have adopted a credit-based system which provides students with great flexibility in selecting courses. Every student is assigned with an academic adviser, and given a guided liberal choice of subjects on an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary basis.

Teaching and Learning
Lingnan emphasises student-oriented teaching and learning approach, and close faculty-student relationship. Our interactive teaching and learning modes challenge students to reach for higher levels of intellectual discourse, analytical thinking and independent research capability.

Campus Life
Campus life, especially hostel life, is regarded as an essential part of liberal arts education. We have a comprehensive Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) and students participate in various activities, e.g. assemblies, arts and cultural activities.

International exposure can enhance students' adaptability and independence, and help them better understand and appreciate cultural diversity and heritage. We have extensive International and Mainland student exchange programmes.

Community Service
In keeping with Lingnan's motto of “Education for Service”, students have ample opportunities to participate in community services both as volunteers via Office of Student Affairs, or through a formal curriculum via Service-Learning.