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Undergraduate Admissions

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How to Apply


(A) To apply for admission to UGC-funded (Government-funded) undergraduate programmes: 

Step 1

Plan for your study

Please study the details of our undergraduate programmes by clicking here before making up your study plan.

Step 2

Application period

The application period for admission is from 27 September 2023 to 15 May 2024 (Early Round application closes on 6 December 2023). Online applications received after 15 May 2024 will be regarded as late applications. Late applicants have a lower chance of being admitted.

No applications will be accepted after 26 July 2024.

Step 3

Check admission requirements

Please check the admission requirements for eligibility of application. 

Step 4

Create online application account

You can create ONE application account and submit up to three choices of UGC-funded undergraduate programmes in the account via the Online Admission System.  Please select "Undergraduate Programmes (Direct Admission) Government-funded" in the "Application Type" section.

Applicants can apply for a maximum of three choices of UGC-funded undergraduate programmes in ONE application account. Please note that only the first application account with submitted application of programme choice(s) will be processed. Duplicate application account(s) or programme choice(s) will NOT be processed, and the application fees paid will NOT be transferred and/or refunded. 

Step 5

Submit an application online

You can apply for admission by submitting an online application. 

You are required to indicate your preference of study programmes, if you wish to submit more than one programme choice.

Applicants are advised to make thorough consideration accordingly before submission of their applications. Any request on change or re-prioritisation of the programme choices after submission of application for admission will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

To avoid system congestion near the deadline for application, you are advised to submit your application as early as you can.

Step 6

Check application information and pay the application fee

Please check all the information provided in your application, as applicants are responsible to ensure the information given in support of the application is accurate and complete.  The University reserves the right not to process any incomplete applications.

You should support all information provided by uploading relevant documents (in English or Chinese, or together with officially certified English/Chinese translations if the documents are not in English/Chinese), including:

  • transcript
  • certificate
  • testimonial
  • public examination results, etc.

to your application.   Please also upload your identity documents (e.g. HKID card / passport) to the Online Admission System.  You will be asked to present the original documents for verification if you are offered admission.

Please click here for details of application fee and payment methods. Please note that all application fees paid are non-refundable and/or non-transferable.

Attention: Any false, unclear or misleading information and/or document(s) provided by applicants in their application will disqualify their applications or revoke their admission offers and any fees paid including down payment or deposit will be forfeited. According to the laws of Hong Kong, forgery is a serious criminal offence that a convicted offender may be liable to imprisonment for fourteen years.

Step 7

Acknowledgement of application for admission

Applicants are advised to print/save a copy of completed application form submitted for retention. An acknowledgement with an assigned application number will be sent to you by email after you have submitted the application. Submitted application(s) will also be shown in the "Submitted Application" section of the Application Menu in the Online Admission System. 

If you have submitted application(s) successfully but do not receive any acknowledgement email(s), please contact us at [email protected].

Step 8

Check application status and update information

Applicants can login to the Online Admission System at any time to:

  • view application information
  • check application status
  • upload additional supporting documents

If applicants would like to change their application information stored in the System after submission of application, they should inform the Registry by email ([email protected]) with proof of amendment/update immediately. Please quote the application number and full name in all correspondence with the University.

Admission criteria for different programmes vary and applicants may either be admitted directly or shortlisted for interview to determine their eligibility for admission. For some programmes, applicants may also be required to take an oral and/or written test. 

Interviews (if any) will start from November 2023. If an interview is required, the University will inform applicants by phone, email or by post. For non-local applicants, interviews may be conducted by phone or through tele-conferencing.

Step 9

Application result

Applications will be processed on a rolling basis.

Successful applicants who are given an offer/conditional offer of admission and/or scholarship will be normally informed via email/phone. Please note that only one UGC-funded programme offer will be made to successful applicants.

To accept and secure the offer/conditional offer of admission and/or scholarship, successful applicants must pay a down payment before the stipulated deadline. They will receive information on visa application (for non-local students) and reporting procedures at a later stage.

Applicants shall assume their applications unsuccessful if they do not receive our notification by 2 September 2024.

(B) To apply for admission to self-financed undergraduate programmes:

Please apply via Online Admission System by creating ONE application account and submitting online applications.  Please select "Self-financed Programmes" in the "Application Type" section.

There is no limit on number of programme choice(s) for application for admission to self-financed undergraduate programmes. 

For details of individual programmes and admission procedures, please visit the website of individual programmes as listed in Undergraduate Programmes page.

 Falsification of documents/information provided by applicants

Falsification of documents by students is a very serious offence and is absolutely not tolerated by the University.  According to the Laws of Hong Kong, forgery is a serious criminal offence that a convicted offender may be imprisoned for a maximum of 14 years.

Any false, unclear or misleading information and/or document(s) provided in the application or any dishonest conduct observed during the application process will lead to disqualification of the application, revocation of admission offer or termination of studies at the University if admitted, and any fees paid including down payment or deposit will be forfeited. According to the laws of Hong Kong, forgery is a serious criminal offence that a convicted offender may be liable to imprisonment for fourteen years.


Bribery Offence

Applicants or their family members and agents must not offer advantages to any staff or members of the University in relation to their admission applications or while having dealings of any kind with the University.  These offers may constitute an offence under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap. 201) in Hong Kong.  The University also prohibits its staff and members from soliciting or accepting such advantages.


Please clickApply Onlineto complete an online application.

For more information, you may go to Frequently Asked Questions.