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Undergraduate Admissions

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Non-local students of UGC-funded undergraduate programmes can apply for a residential place during their period of study at Lingnan University. Each occupant shares an air-conditioned student room in double room or triple room style, at approximately 110 to 130 sq ft, and is furnished with:

  • 1 closet
  • 1 desk and shelf
  • 1 chair
  • 1 single bed (triple room in bunk bed style)
  • free LAN service connected to the University’s network system
  • free electricity
  • air-conditioning fee will be shared by two or three roommates in the same room

There are a total of 10 Student Hostels providing about 2,600 hostel places for our students. In each hostel, there is/are:

  • restrooms and showers shared by all the floor occupants/residents of two rooms
  • a common lounge with television
  • a pantry on each floor
  • study rooms
  • a committee room
  • a laundry area
  • quarters for warden, senior tutor and tutors

No telephone is provided in the bedroom, but students can use the telephone at the common area of the hostel. For details of hostel facilities, please click here.