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Undergraduate Admissions

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Programmes of Study


Undergraduate Programmes



Non-JUPAS First Year

Non-JUPAS Senior Year

Mainland JEE (Gao Kao)


Majors (Applicants will be asked to prioritise the following majors in the application form):
 • Economics
 • Health and Social Services Management
 • Political Sciences
 • Sociology
 • Psychology
 • Social and Public Policy Studies
Extra Majors for Non-JUPAS:
 Psychology with Counselling Psychology Concentration
  International Economy and Politics

# Students who are eligible for senior year admission may be directly admitted to the Majors.

*Shown in JUPAS as "Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science"

@ The award of the standalone Social Sciences majors will be Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons).

^admission of Senior Year solely as UGC-funded programme only.

+ The majors for BBA (Hons) Senior Year entry in 2022 and 2023 intakes are as follows:

- Accounting

- Finance

- Human Resource Management

- Marketing

- e-Business

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Major Allocation Criteria

The University has adopted both broad-based and programme-based admissions to study programmes in Business Faculty.  The Faculty of Social Sciences has adopted programme-based admission.  Applicants may wish to note the criteria for allocation of Major Programmes of Business Faculty published in the faculty webpage: Faculty of Business.

Graduation Requirements of Undergraduate Programmes
In addition to the requirements stipulated in the curriculum of his/her Major programme, an undergraduate student is required to fulfil the following requirements before graduation:

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