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Undergraduate Admissions

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Cost of Living

The following table is an estimate of living expenses for reference:
(HK$7.8 = US$1)

For 2023-24 Academic Year (fees for 2024-25 are under review):

Tuition fee

HK$145,000 per year*
(* for tuition fee of self-financed programme, please visit the individual programme website for details)

Graduation Deposit


Hostel Fee 

HK$10,980 to HK$14,860 per year, excluding the summer term^
(^ hostel fee for students of self-financed programmes is in a different rate)

Hostel Deposit

HK$500 (refundable)


Personal Expenses


Meals on campus

About US$300-400 per month


Local transportation is about US$100-150 per month


About US$50-100 per month


About US$50-100 per month



  1. The Hong Kong Dollar is pegged to the US Dollar at a rate of HK$7.8 to US$1, although the rate varies slightly.

  2. The cost per meal is about US$3 upward at the student canteen and about US$6 upward at the Chinese restaurant. Chinese, Western and Vegetarian menus are provided. A wide variety of restaurants (such as McDonald's), food stalls and coffee shops at reasonable prices are located within walking distance from the campus.

  3. Fees mentioned above for non-local students are for reference. Tuition fee is normally payable in two equal instalments of HK$72,500 each before the start of the first and second terms of 2023-24 academic year.

  4. The estimated expenses above vary from individual to individual and will depend on students' own eating and shopping habits. Meanwhile, students are encouraged not to bring everything they need from their home country. They will be able to buy most things they need inexpensively from supermarkets nearby.

  5. Lingnan provides students with a Medical Benefits Scheme (excluding hospitalisation). However, such insurance coverage does not apply to personal travel in and outside Hong Kong unless it is an official university activity. Students should acquire adequate coverage when they plan a personal trip outside Hong Kong or they can check with the local travel agency for insurance coverage. Meanwhile, students should first check with their home insurance agents about medical insurance coverage. If the home insurance policy covers for overseas study, student should retain it. If that is not the case, please negotiate for coverage of overseas study in Hong Kong before departure.