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What our Awardees Say



Antony Shingai MUDUKUTI, Zimbabwe
Bachelor of Business Administration

Pursing my studies at Lingnan has truly been an opportunity of a life time. It offers a steady and well-rounded environment where one cannot only obtain sought-after tertiary education, but also nurture their character, discover personal strengths and work on their weaknesses.

This is an opportunity I have appreciated everyday thus far and one that I will continue to treasure for eternity.  


Akinyemi Oritseweyin SMITH, Nigeria
Bachelor of Business Administration

At the beginning, I was alien to the concept of liberal arts education, but I have grown to love the idea of liberal arts education as well as Lingnan itself.

I barely notice that I am about 7,000 miles away from Nigeria; the staff as well as students are ever willing to help and are always a joy to be around. The professors are approachable and keen to impact knowledge. They contribute so much to my development that sometimes I catch myself wishing I was here on a four year programme and not a three year one! 




Namia AKHTAR, Bangladesh
Bachelor of Social Sciences, Graduate of 2014

The non-local overseas scholarship came to me as a rescuer, as a hand outstretched from the firmament of the Kingdom of God to pull me out of the bereavement that suffocated me since my early teens. My life was torn by ostracism, solitude and isolation which were poisoning my soul. After spending two years studying here, my soul have rejuvenated, it washed away all the poison that it possessed and now I see the vision of my secret fairy tale dream turning into reality, which I always believed to be a delusion. 

Dayana BEREKETOVA, Kazakhstan
Bachelor of Business Administration

Lingnan has helped me to look at myself and this world from a perspective that wasn’t available to me before. My first year here was full of valuable life lessons, joy and sense of belonging. A great support from my professors, Student Services Centre and classmates made me feel home in a big city like Hong Kong. One of the things that I love most about Lingnan is the variety of internship and exchange opportunities, which allow you to both see the world and learn at the same time. This place is the biggest reason why Hong Kong became Homekong to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Namia AKHTAR, Bangladesh
Bachelor of Social Sciences

The non-local overseas scholarship came to me as a rescuer, as a hand outstretched from the firmament of the Kingdom of God to pull me out of the bereavement that suffocated me since my early teens. My life was torn by ostracism, solitude and isolation which were poisoning my soul. After spending two years studying here, my soul have rejuvenated, it washed away all the poison that it possessed and now I see the vision of my secret fairy tale dream turning into reality, which I always believed to be a delusion. 


Maleehah Iman ALI, Pakistan
Bachelor of Social Sciences

Being a student at Lingnan, means being on a journey of self-improvement and self-discovery; you are driven to do more, see more, explore more and most of all challenge yourself constantly. Every step of the way, you are guided and supported by the most dedicated team of professionals. Even if home is thousands of miles away, Lingnan will become your home away from home. The experience is well worth leaving the familiar behind and far more rewarding than the mere attainment of a degree.  


CHENG Tze Yann Gloria, Malaysia
Bachelor of Social Sciences

The entire journey along the Lingnan University Non-local Student Scholarship is made possible only through the blessings of various parties; the opportunity given by the University, support from family members and the encouragement extended from friends. It is a process of academic advancement and self-discovery.

Having studying in a different culture, it enables the skill of adaptation, independence and survival; also living by the motto of going the extra mile to achieve better. In being exposed to a foreign land, I learned and understand more of my true self; such as personalities, strengths and weaknesses. It builds positive values and enhances them, while improving and mending mistakes. It is both fun and challenging! 


GOH Chen Yik, Malaysia
Bachelor of Social Sciences

It is a blessing and privilege to be given the opportunity to study overseas under the Lingnan University Non-Local Student Scholarship. Despite being in Lingnan for only half a year, the experience thus far has been wonderful and exciting! I have managed to discover new personal values and talents. Such values and talents are nurtured and enhanced under the guidance and support of the staff and lecturers in Lingnan. My life here in Lingnan is indeed a journey of self-discovery with a group of right-minded people. I am more than excited to continue my Lingnan journey. 

GOH Chen Yik
Mateena HAMMAD, Pakistan
Bachelor of Social Sciences

Had I been told of all that I was to experience here at Lingnan before I came, I would not have believed you! Coming here marked the start of a great metamorphosis for me and having been given spectacular facilities and guidance, I am able to hone my skills and learn how to practically survive in this world by myself. There are great challenges for a scholarship student to not only work and maintain a good academic record, but also face the many issues of living independently and working in an unknown and competitive environment among very capable fellow students. However, it is not something to be afraid of as Lingnan is a family that will not let you feel lonely or isolated, and it will only ever push you to go beyond your self-perceived limits and tap into that great potential that you undoubtedly have. Coming here has proved to be a better decision than I had imagined as not only am I academically learning a lot of practically important skills, but I am applying and improving them as well through the vast opportunities that Lingnan provides.  

HAMMAD Mateena
HAN Paul Lu, Myanmar
Bachelor of Social Sciences

"Why did you choose Lingnan?" is a question people ask me very frequently in Lingnan. I am delighted to say that I chose Lingnan because I believe that liberal arts education will boost my ability to become an informed citizen, a lifelong learner, and most importantly, a critical thinker. Never have I imagined in my life that I would belong to a liberal arts community with accessible professors, helpful staff, and friendly students. Apart from academic activities, talking to friends from different countries, doing service-learning, and leaving my comfort zone by joining Toastmasters are so far the most remarkable parts of my journey in Lingnan.  

HAN Paul Lu
Nauleen Hossain KHAN, Bangladesh
Bachelor of Business Administration

I came to Lingnan with a hope to get familiar with the Chinese culture. And now I am not only familiar with the Chinese culture but also get to know many cultures as I have friends from many other countries as well. It is a place where East meets West. It's truly “International”! 

LOW Chay Fhei, Malaysia
Bachelor of Business Administration

Getting a placement in Lingnan University is like a dream come true. It is indeed a golden opportunity and I have gained valuable experience while studying here. I must say everything is well planned and organised in Lingnan University. Being away from home and loved ones was not easy but the warmth and friendliness of the students and staff have helped me to adapt to the new environment. They make me feel at home and are always willing to offer guidance and support whenever needed.

“Terima kasih” Lingnan University!

Malaysian way of saying thank you. 

LOW Chay Fhei
MA Wan Chuen, Malaysia
Bachelor of Business Administration

All I can say is, I’m lucky.

Lingnan University gave me a spark of hope. I never give up any chance to further studies and I always believe that a positive way of thinking will lead me to a correct path eventually. Finally, Lingnan University appears in my life and I am realising my dream to further studies abroad right now.

This is only the very first semester for me to study in Lingnan and stay in Hong Kong. Everything seems to be so attractive and I am glad that I am here. I can feel the sense of “home” once I reached Lingnan. Everyone is helpful and friendly. The students are so active in the activities and it is easy to observe that they are keen in making their life meaningful. The culture sharing of students from different countries is a precious chance for us to have in-depth understanding about each other.

That is exactly the way for a university student to enrich the experience apart from academic aspect. The liberal art university is indeed a place to groom people for service to society by using the whole-person approach. I am eager to explore the Lingnanian’s life and become a successful whole person.  

Wan Chuen
NGO Ngoc Phuong Anh, Vietnam
Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies

The Non-local Student Scholarship came to me like a dream. I am certain that studying at Lingnan is my wisest decision. Thanks to guidance and care from staff at Lingnan, Hong Kong has become my “second home”. I have been learning a lot in everyday life, from how to understand and care for each other to how to contribute and improve the community. I would like to say thank you to Lingnan for giving me such a great chance to experience one of the best liberal art universities in Asia. I am so proud being a Lingnanian! 

NGUYEN Thi Thao Vy, Vietnam
Bachelor of Business Administration

The first 18 years of my life was restrained to only a small town in Vietnam, but deep inside my heart is a burning passion to see the big world out there, to enrich my knowledge and realise my full potential. Therefore, I am so thankful to have received the Non-local Student Scholarship of Lingnan University. This opportunity has not only brought me much beyond that small town to the beautiful Hong Kong, but it has also provided me with a wonderful learning environment where I could nurture my passion and make my dreams come true. The experiences at Lingnan have actually surpassed my expectations. Its whole-person approach has granted me the chance to improve myself on many aspects and to truly grow up. Furthermore, in this university everybody is very close to each other and people are so friendly that I had little difficulty adapting to the new life. Here I have built valuable friendships which always make me feel warm and supported.

I really feel proud and blessed to pursue my higher education in this only liberal arts university in Hong Kong, and I would try my best to make the most of this opportunity. 

Piumi RAJAPAKSHA, Sri Lanka
Bachelor of Business Administration

I can confidently say that choosing to pursue my bachelor’s degree here in Lingnan University has been one of the wisest decisions I have ever made.

Staying true to its liberal arts nature, the education and experience provided has contributed not only to the growth of my intellectual capacity but has also aided my personal and social development, helping mature into a progressively better person. We are guided by some of the kindest and most competent professionals who have made it a top priority that we receive the best education that is in their capacity to provide, and we are forever grateful.

Being a liberal arts university, the relatively small population of the University has to be my favourite part because everybody is familiar with one another, and you cannot go to your morning class without receiving at least fifty genuine smiles on your way.

Studying here has been a wonderful part of my life journey and certainly something I will reminisce constantly about in the future. 



SEOW Mun Kei, Malaysia
Bachelor of Social Sciences

Lingnan University has given me the life of university that I am longing for. Apart from studies, we never stop discovering our self values by participating in different kinds of extra-curricular activities. I find it warm and meaningful when we are closely interacting with teaching staff and students at Lingnan. I really appreciate that Lingnan never stop providing different opportunities for students to explore themselves.

I am proud being part of Lingnan! Be prepared and feel grateful to be a Lingnanian!   


Manaal SIDDIQUI, Pakistan
Bachelor of Business Administration
Awardee of President’s Award

Every new day just reconfirms that coming to Lingnan University was the best choice for me. Lingnan is a warm family that is always supporting and encouraging of the students. Liberal arts concept is brilliant in that it makes sure that we develop ourselves in all the areas and not just academics. There are so many clubs and societies that one can join to pursue their interests and meet people from diverse backgrounds. I am immensely grateful to Lingnan University for giving me the best experiences in my life and adding tremendously to my attributes to make me a much better person.  



TAN Zi Chin, Malaysia
Bachelor of Business Administration

I did not know that hostel life can be such fruitful. It is totally different from what I have imagined before. I love it especially when my hallmates are so easy-going and talkative.

In addition, I found the annual International Day memorable. Everyone from different cultural backgrounds gathered together was a rare scenario in my college in Malaysia. It was really a great experience as there were so many things which we cannot learn directly from the books. We can even learn more from the exchange students as people from different cultures have different viewpoints on certain issues.

Other than planning to apply for the student exchange programmes, I will participate in other activities to explore more, learn more and make my University life more fruitful and meaningful. 

Zi Chin

TEA Yin Ee, Malaysia
Bachelor of Business Administration

The sun lets out its warmth and tiny fragments of sand shined intermittently. I looked ahead and saw a vast track in front of me. I knew that every path should be taken with care as it will decide the way my future will be. Studying in Lingnan University which made up by students from every corner of the world would be the best choice to broaden insight and leverage the network by communicating with people from all walks of life, and this is a choice that I’ll never regret! I mingled with the local students to help improve my Cantonese; I participated in lots of social activities to have in-depth understanding of local community. The liberal arts education not only fosters my personal growth to achieve self-actualisation but also instils sense of global citizenship in my mind to contribute my effort in making positive changes to the world. I’m proud to be a Lingnanian and let’s make a difference together with enthusiasm and courage in this globalised campus!  



TRINH Quang Huy, Vietnam
Bachelor of Business Administration

Studying at Lingnan University has been one of the wisest decisions of my life. The University has never ceased to amaze me since my very first day in Hong Kong. At Lingnan, the windows of opportunity are all open as long as you are motivated to work hard. Studying here has been extremely interesting and meaningful for me. I am constantly learning every day of my life, inside the classrooms, in my hostel, and in my students’ society. I learn from my friends coming from different cultural backgrounds and I learn when I volunteer for community service. The University has always supported me in pursuing what I love and care about. I treasure every single moment of my college life and I hope I can continue to contribute more to the community and prestige of Lingnan University.   

Quang Huy

YANG Meng Ying, Taiwan
Bachelor of Arts in Translation

Studying in Lingnan University is a brand new experience for me. It offers various opportunities for us to explore the world and at the same time explore ourselves. We could never get bored with so much amazing challenges ahead. Being able to make friends with people from different cultural backgrounds is one of the most interesting parts in my journey here. We can always gain more understanding towards different cultures through their sharing. The students and staff are always willing to give their support whenever we need. All I can say is I am so lucky to be part of this big family!    

YANG Meng Ying

Maisha Maliha YUSUF, Bangladesh
Bachelor of Business Administration

I consider myself fortunate to be accepted to Lingnan University and receive the Non-local Student Scholarship. As one of the leading liberal arts universities, Lingnan provides excellent opportunities for whole-person development for students from all over the world. The University community is small, familiar and collegial. Everyone knows each other and cares for another like an extended family! The small class size facilitates close faculty-student relationship. The hostel life is full of fun. I have made some very close friends at the hostels. In addition to the effective pedagogy, Lingnan provides abundant global experiential learning opportunities through international exchange programmes and overseas Service-Learning programmes which I am looking forward to very much!    

Maisha Maliha YUSUF



Zuzana HELIKOVA, Slovakia
Bachelor of Business Administration

Lingnan is an amazing place because it creates an atmosphere where people feel comfortable. People on campus are great and locals are genuinely nice and sincere. My learning experience at Lingnan is wonderful because of its small classes. On the one hand, the teachers really care about the students; on the other hand, we, the students, also learn from each other. That is something that we all appreciate. We are supporting each other and learning together at the same time. Once you come to Lingnan, you absolutely don't want to leave.   


Veronika ILAVSKA, Slovakia
Bachelor of Social Sciences

I truly value every day of my current studies at Lingnan as I made the right choice of pursuing my studies here. The wide variety of courses taught by professionals who are also dedicated teachers. The enormous amount of outside classroom opportunities for further development and career preparation have contributed to my opinion. Moreover, I have got to know here a lot of interesting people from different cultures and that makes my social life very interesting and enjoyable!   


North America


Shannon Atali TYNDALL, Jamaica
Bachelor of Social Sciences

Lingnan is a true definition of liberal arts education as it encourages your development as a holistic person. Lingnan has provided me with the opportunity to meet and fraternise with people from every continent of the world. Through interaction with my new friends, I have become a more culturally aware individual and have a greater appreciation for the various nations of the world. Despite the occasional language barrier, communication is not a problem and interaction with Hong Kong people outside of the University is almost always pleasant. Since I have joined Lingnan, my life has been enriched in ways I did not think were possible. I truly love the people here.    


South America


Maria Monica GONZALEZ ARGUELLO, Colombia
Bachelor of Business Administration

Lingnan is much more than a university, it is a family. You can have an opportunity to learn as much as you want and also to make thousands of friends.

It is impossible to expect a boring day at Lingnan. Here you can find a lot of excitement, challenges and opportunities. The University always encourages you to be a professional and person ready to serve the society and the world. Welcome to Lingnan!