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Undergraduate Admissions

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Programmes of Study


* Students admitted to the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) programme will select a major by the end of their first year of study. The main criteria in allocation will be a student's preference, his or her overall academic performance and suitability for the Major. Apart from the above seven Arts majors, three new majors, namely "Interdisciplinary Major in Chinese Literature, History and Philosophy", "Interdisciplinary Major in Film and Media Studies" and "Student-designed Major" are available for selection by BA students admitted via broad-based admission. For details, please visit

# Students who are eligible for senior year admission may be directly admitted to the Discipline Majors/Streams.


Major/Stream Allocation Criteria

The University has adopted both broad-based and programme-based admissions to study programmes in Arts and Business Faculties. The Faculty of Social Sciences will continue to adopt broad-based admission. Applicants may wish to note the criteria for allocation of Major Programmes/Discipline Majors/Streams of individual faculties published in the following faculty webpages:

Faculty of Arts (
Faculty of Business (
Faculty of Social Sciences (

Graduation Requirements of Undergraduate Programmes
In addition to the requirements stipulated in the curriculum of his/her Major programme, an undergraduate student is required to fulfil the following requirements before graduation:

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