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Undergraduate Admissions

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What’s New

New Undergraduate Programmes Offered


Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports Coaching and Event Management (Self-financed programme)

It is a self-financed, two-year top-up degree programme offered by the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Institute of Policy Studies. The programme is designed for Associate Degree/Higher Diploma graduates, as well as athletes who aspire to pursue a career in sports event and sports coaching sectors.


Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Public Management and Smart Governance (Full-time/Part-time Two-year Degree Programme) (self-financed programme)

This new undergraduate top-up degree programme is a response to the rising demand for highly skilled talent in public sector management and organisations. The programme is designed to meet the labour market needs to promote smart city clusters in the Greater Bay Area. The programme is jointly hosted by Institute of Policy Studies and Department of Political Science.


Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) - Risk and Insurance Management (self-financed programme)

The BBA (Hons) - RIM gives students an in-depth knowledge of industry practices and market trends, meaning they will be able to meet the needs of prospective employers in the banking and insurance sectors in Hong Kong, China and beyond. 


Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Business Psychology (self-financed programme)

The new Business Psychology program at Lingnan University offers students the theories and skills needed to succeed in understanding what consumers want and the nuances of product design to obtain the perfect alignment of the needs of people, workplaces and organisations, and promote the awareness of what motivates and influences people that drives business. Integrating management studies with the critical and analytical methods of psychology, business psychology helps students pursue careers in personnel management, training and development, human resource management and employee and customer relations. Given the importance of business and finance in Hong Kong, students with solid understanding of psychology in business setting will surely fit the need of the local workforce.


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Global Liberal Arts

This flagship interdisciplinary programme offers depth, flexibility and a global learning experience across a diverse range of arts, business and social sciences disciplines underpinning student mobility, leadership building, critical and analytical thinking, and comparative international perspectives.


LEO Dr David P. Chan Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Data Science

This programme will introduce a balanced coverage of subjects in computer science, artificial intelligence and statistics/mathematics resting on a liberal arts foundation, and focus on applications in different fields of business, science, social sciences and arts.


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Animation and Digital Arts (self-financed programme)

This self-financed programme offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to creative arts education that fosters innovative thinking and creativity. Students will learn a wide range of essential knowledge from art history, film art, design to 2D and 3D animation as well as concepts and application of virtual reality; and will receive comprehensive historical and technical training of animation and digital arts through hands-on learning and rigorous mentorship.