Induction Programme familiarises new faculty members with Lingnan

A total of 31 new faculty members and postgraduate students were welcomed to Lingnan University at the Staff Induction Programme run by the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) on 31 August.  Apart from learning more about liberal arts education, the participants engaged with a variety of speakers who shared different aspects of the teaching and learning environment at Lingnan.


The content was rich, varied and well-received by the new faculty members.  Previous Teaching Excellence Award-winning teachers shared their experience and provided tips for adapting to a new teaching environment.  Teaching and learning initiatives by award-winning teachers, the TLC and the Centre for Advancement of Outcomes-Based Education (CAOBE) were introduced.  Other important aspects of teaching at Lingnan, such as Service-Learning, English and Chinese language support and the use of Turnitin were also covered.


Presentation of the inaugural Teaching Excellence Team Awards (TETA) and Certificates by President Leonard K Cheng was a highlight of the programme.  Prof Mark McGinley and Prof Jonathan Fong, founding members of the Science Unit were presented with the Award for their commitment to designing and delivering courses that raise interest in and awareness of science among non-science students.  The “Mini Action Research Project” team led by Prof Preet Hiradhar of the Department of English received Certificate of Merit for their interdisciplinary teamwork in enhancing achievement of student learning outcomes through development of a classroom-based action learning programme.


The annual “Significant Faculty Contribution to OBE Awards” were also presented at the occasion.  The awards were given to 8 faculty members this year for taking the lead in a variety of innovative projects which advanced the practice of outcomes-based education on campus and enhanced the learning experiences of students.  Certificates were also presented to those who had successfully completed the Learning and Teaching Development Programme (LTDP) last year.

Staff Introduction   Staff Introduction