Guided campus tour that integrates with service-learning

To familiarise new students with the campus environment and Lingnan’s Service-Learning, Office of Service-Learning and elderly ambassadors organised a Guided Campus Tour at the New Student Orientation salon on 25 August.  The ambassadors led the new students to understand Lingnan’s campus design concept and architectural and environment features, and appreciate the ecology of our campus from different perspectives.


The Tour is a project under the Jockey Club “We Care, We Serve & We learn @ Tuen Mun” programme.  It aims to provide a Service-Learning platform for students to get connected with elders in the community, facilitate learning from each other and foster intergenerational harmony.  A total of 73 students participated in the salon session who were led by 8 ambassadors in five teams to tour around the campus.  Student Paul Ng Man-nok (History Year 1) shared what he has learned from this tour:


“The Lingnan Campus Tour is a well organised and meaningful salon.  It helps us understand the architectural study of Lingnan’s campus and the University’s history.  Undoubtedly as a freshman of Lingnan, the tour helps us build up a sense of belonging to the University.


Besides, the ambassadors are the key in making the tour a success.  Their clear illustration helps us learn about many fine details of the campus.  They can tell us full stories about Lingnan’s history even though we just stand in front of the University’s main entrance.


Thanks to the tour, the Lingnan Spirit has taken root in my mind.  It is a good start for me as part of the Lingnan family!”


Please click here for more details of the Jockey Club “We Care, We Serve & We Learn @ Tuen Mun” programme.

Campus tour   Campus Tour