Lingnan 5.0 Film Project

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Lingnan University’s Re-establishment in Hong Kong, the Department of Visual Studies has been privileged to engage five renowned local filmmakers to make short films for this special occasion under the Lingnan 5.0 Film Project.  Among them is iconic Director Dr Johnnie To, who is a Lingnan Honorary Fellow and the creative consultant for the project.


Dr To now needs your help to complete his part of the project.  He will be collecting original video clips, comics, photos, paintings, music and work in other media formats from the public.  He will then turn selected entries into a 15-minute short film entitled “Liberal Arts”.  The film, along with others made by Directors Mary Stephen, Poon Hang-sang, Adam Wong and Lai Yan-chi will be shown at a special premiere in June 2018.


By working together with the public and putting the story of Hong Kong into historical context, Dr To and Lingnan aim to realise the University’s motto and its role as a liberal arts university.  As an institution, it respects and promotes all forms of culture, history and beauty, as well as encouraging students and alumni to serve the community through their original work and the transfer of knowledge.


Please click here to join us and Dr To in capturing the beautiful aspects of our society and contributing to our history.