Lingnan University welcomes students from all over the world to its internationalised liberal arts campus

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Issue No. 71 Sep 2017

Lingnan University welcomes students from all over the world to its internationalised liberal arts campus

Lingnan University held its 2017/18 Inauguration Ceremony on 4 September to mark the beginning of the new academic year, and welcome new local students as well as those from around the world.


The University scored encouraging undergraduate admission results for the 2017/18 academic year.  About 57,000 applications for admission to its undergraduate programmes were received, with the numbers of non-JUPAS and Mainland student applications increased notably by 4.2% and 52.7% respectively compared with last year.  About 30 different nationalities are now represented in the student population on campus.  The growing internationalised background of Lingnan students truly reflects the University’s leading position in liberal arts education in Asia.

One of the key characteristics of Lingnan University’s liberal arts education is to broaden students’ international exposure.  Therefore the University spares no effort in lifting the level of internationalisation of its students.  Currently one-seventh of Lingnan’s student population is non-local full-programme or semester-long exchange students.  About 90% of the University’s undergraduates are able to go on exchange for a semester or attend summer programmes.  A variety of scholarships are available to local and non-local undergraduates.


In the approximately 600 new undergraduate students of Lingnan this year, about 10% are non-local students.  Non-local undergraduate students currently studying at the University come from 11 countries or regions including Bangladesh, Canada, Mainland China, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia, Taiwan, USA and Vietnam.  For the new research postgraduate and taught postgraduate students, the proportions of non-local students are 66% and 87% respectively.  An internationalised student body is instrumental in strengthening students’ learning experience and horizon.


Furthermore, about 160 overseas students will come to Lingnan for exchange in the first semester of the 2017/18 academic year.  These overseas students come from 25 countries or regions from all corners of the world.  They bring diversified cultures to the internationalised liberal arts campus of Lingnan, and provide opportunities for students to exchange and build friendship with young people of different nationalities and ethnicities.


In his welcoming address at the Inauguration Ceremony, President Leonard K Cheng pointed out that Lingnan is a place where transformation begins, and the success of this transformation depends very much on students’ eagerness, enthusiasm, openness and confidence in embracing and grasping different opportunities.  “As you begin your studies here at Lingnan, I urge you to develop a “can do” attitude right from today.  This “can do” attitude, which can be translated into a determination to take action and achieve results, is the key to unlock the door to your future,” said President Cheng.  He hopes that years later students will notice that the transformation they experienced at Lingnan is characterised by the “Lingnan spirit” marked by passion, loyalty, perseverance, openness to different ideas and cultures, and a readiness to serve.


The New Student Orientation (NSO) held earlier on 24 and 25 August provided the University’s 800 freshmen (including local and non-local undergraduate students and exchange students) this year with information on academic and campus life, as well as guidance on how to make the most out of their University education.  Guided by 200 senior year Lingnan students participating in the University’s Peer Mentoring Programme, freshmen had the chance to experience the vibrant campus life of Lingnan.


Apart from the NSO, the University offers a First Year Experience Programme to help new students adapt to university life and unleash their potentials.  Orientation activity was organised for new non-local undergraduate students in late August.  The Division of Graduate Studies also organised the Orientation for Taught Postgraduate Students on 2 September with over 400 students and staff members attended.  In his remarks President Cheng welcomed the new students on behalf of the University.  Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Vice-President then shared the academic research works of Lingnan and the rich learning experience it offers to postgraduate students.  Representatives of the Lingnan University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) were also invited to share with students the University’s history and fine tradition.

Inauguration Ceremony   Inauguration Ceremony