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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Media Industries

BA (Hons) in Creative Media Industries Overview

Creative Media Industries

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Media Industries Programme aims to provide a wide theoretical study and practical training for students who seek careers in the booming creative media industries in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. The interdisciplinary curriculum includes theoretical courses in media studies, business and management studies, and visual arts studies, as well as hands-on opportunities for digital media production, game design, and VR and AR workshops. The design of the curriculum emphasizes both the current global trends in the creative media industries, such as the predominance of digital technology and media platforms, as well as the specific context of the local industries, including the established film industry and growing art market. The internship and capstone projects enable students to turn the knowledge and skills learned from the courses into practice, and strengthen their understanding to become ready to enter the creative media industries.


1. To provide students with advanced knowledge of the creative media industries; 

2. To develop students’ production skills of creative media projects; 

3. To cultivate students’ entrepreneurship and management skills in the creative media industries; 

4. To foster students’ grasp of the ever-changing media landscape and technological development in our contemporary society.