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Undergraduate Admissions

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Film and Visual Arts

BA (Hons) in Film and Visual Arts Overview  

The former BA (Hons) in Visual Studies programme is renamed as BA (Hons) in Film and Visual Arts to reflect its new programme structure.


The curriculum of Film and Visual Arts adopts a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the historical and theoretical study of visual arts, focusing on film art and art history. The programme structure encompasses survey and advanced courses addressing specialized topics, periods, cultures, media and issues to create a progressive learning model. Historical awareness and analytical skill are integral to the core curriculum, complemented by practice-based courses, including computer art, studio practice, film production, curating, and internships. The fourth-year capstone project synthesizes the programmes’ analytical and practical components, enabling students to develop a research, creative or curatorial project under supervision in the final year of their study.



  1. To provide students with a grounding in the study and appreciation of film and visual arts;
  2. To develop students’ capacity to make cross-disciplinary connections amongst visual art-related subjects, including film and art history, film and art analyses, museum studies, and digital arts, through an issues-oriented approach;
  3. To develop students’ skills in research methods and creative practices;
  4. To foster values that result in lifelong engagement with creativity, art, and media.