Regulations in the Computer Laboratories

  • Users must carry their LU staff or student identity cards and present it to ITSC staff, as requested.
  • Users should not use computers to create undue noise or music that may disturb other users.
  • While discussion is encouraged, please keep your VOICE DOWN. No disturbances should be caused to other users in the laboratory.
  • NO food or drinks are allowed in the computer laboratories.
  • Only studying, academic research and related activities are allowed in the laboratory. Avoid other non-related activities, such as playing computer games in the laboratory.
  • Users should not leave computers unattended and idle for a prolong period of time.
    • System will automatically logout if it remains idle (no activity) for 30 minutes.
    • ALL data will be lost after logout.
  • DO NOT keep any files or personal data in public computers.
  • Users should NOT leave any belongings unattended. ITSC has the right to remove any unattended personal belongings that are found in the laboratory. ITSC will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings in the laboratory.
  • Students CANNOT RESERVE seats with personal belongings.

User's Rights

Using electronic media and internet resource is the basic right of every student. The university expects that every student using these resources should act in a responsible and accountable manner.

Lingnan University has the rights to modify any of the guidelines and/or regulations and can refuse, restrict, cancel or expand the rights of using these resources.

Appropriate and Inappropriate Usage of Computers in the Lab

Students can use the electronic data and network resources provided in the laboratory (e.g. network connections, online learning systems, electronic library and computer laboratories) for learning and related activities. However, users must follow the regulations and guidelines as stipulated in this document and conform to the Laws of the HKSAR.

The following sections illustrate appropriate or inappropriate usage. Please note that they are not deemed to be exclusive.

Appropriate usage of Computers in the Lab

  • Scan your files with Anti-virus software before you forward them, or when you receive them via email.
  • Students should keep their username and password secure at all times! Never let anyone use them and avoid being known by others accidentally. Student should not use passwords that are easy to guess, and students should change their password periodically.
  • Keep all usernames issued by the university in a secure manner.

Inappropriate usage of Computers in the Lab

  • Composing, transferring, executing or saving messages, images, programs or data containing bad intentions, threatening, annoying, obscene and/or indecent materials.
  • Commercial and profit making activities unrelated to the university.
  • Sending out email or a program that can be self-duplicated or cause damage to other user’s accounts (virus-like activities).
  • Sending out hoax information, including sending message on behalf of other’s name.
  • Violate the safety regulation or destroy computer systems of the university.
  • Copy / transferring software or materials that are copyrighted.
  • Checking, processing, viewing or trying to view another user’s electronic information without prior approval.
  • Building connections to systems outside the university network, which allow non-Lingnan users to access the university systems. For example, web, FTP server or SSH services on a Lab PC.