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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Translation, Cross-cultural Studies, and Corporate Communication

Graduate / Student Sharing

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Translation

YEUNG, Ka Man Carmen
BA (Hons) Translation, 2018 Graduate

The Translation Programme of Lingnan is multifaceted, which goes beyond mere imparting knowledge at the academic level, but also helps develop students’ intellectual capacities to make critical and objective judgements. The professors, each with a love for language and a passion for teaching, are so inspiring that I am more than grateful for their advice and encouragement during my time at Lingnan. The curriculum is broad and balanced, introducing students to different text types and translation approaches, equipping us with the skills and knowledge necessary to become competent intermediaries in text- or speech-based interlingual communication. What I have learned in the past four years, academically and personally, has made me a more well-rounded and mature individual.