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Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Business Psychology (Self-financed)

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Business Psychology Overview

Nowadays, companies have to meet an ever-increasing demand for coherence within their organisation and strong relationships between staff, management and customers. These demands in turn create a strong need for human resource policies and marketing strategies. Psychological theories and practices are fundamental to improve workplace practices and interaction with customers. Psychology knowledge also helps managers at all levels of organisations select, support, motivate and train employees and to build better relationships with customers.

Applying Psychology Leading to Future Success

The new Business Psychology program at Lingnan University offers students the theories and skills needed to succeed in understanding what consumers want and the nuances of product design to obtain the perfect alignment of the needs of people, workplaces and organisations, and promote the awareness of what motivates and influences people that drives business. Integrating management studies with the critical and analytical methods of psychology, business psychology helps students pursue careers in personnel management, training and development, human resource management and employee and customer relations. Given the importance of business and finance in Hong Kong, students with solid understanding of psychology in business setting will surely fit the need of the local workforce.

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